Aranya Saptaha (Forestry Week)

Aranya Saptaha is observed during 14th to 20th of July. Children plant trees under the watchful guidance of teachers and monk members to imbibe in them a sense of responsibility regarding environmental issues. They make posters, collages, organise debates etc. to tune in with the burning issues related to Global Warming, Climate Change, Pollution. The institution has arranged a piece of land for the students of four Houses to plant Medicinal saplings.This year it was celebrated with the presence of Secretary Swami Jibatmanandaji Maharaj,Hon. Recter, G.N. Prasad, Principal, Smt. Surita Mukerjee,Teachers and Students.




Activities REALATING TO Aranya Saptaha


Forests are the reservoirs of life on earth. Save forest save earth “Plant trees save life”. Hence we observe the Forestry week i.e. 14th to 20th July every year. A grand week long celebration of Aranya Saptaha was organized with competitions for different classes.    

Waste is harmful for health and the environment. Hence to make the students learn not to produce waste materials and if formed some productive material can also be created from it. Thus students of class VI actively participated and made beautiful flower vases, wall hangings, show pieces etc with the waste materials. They were awarded with prizes and certificates for creating Best out of waste.

A Poster making competition was conducted for class VII students on the topic ‘Environment and pollution’. Creative Poem writing competition was successfully conducted for the students of class VII and VIII. Students penned their ideas and thoughts on paper, based on the topic ‘Environment’ as the theme idea.

Increased activities of hunting and poaching made many animals became endangered and extinct. Hence to make the students realize the impact of tourism on animal world, a debate was conducted on the topic “Tourism in core and buffer zones of our National Parks is harmful to the nature”. Class-VIII students participated and spoke on this sensitive issue.

On the concluding day a collage competitions was conducted for class-IX and X on the topic “Raise your voice not the sea level”. The students spread the message to everyone present through their collages.

During this grand week long celebration from 14.7.14 to 20.7.14 students planted saplings. They also extended with helping hands to clean the Eco-club garden.

A beautiful poem written by Soham Bhattacharya inspires us and gives us the message to plant more trees and to take care of them. Let us also read the poem …





21.7.2017 : Plantation of saplings by Secretary Swami Jibatmanandaji Maharaj

                 : Welcome Address by Asstt. Teacher & Eco -Club Co-ordinator Smt. Ganga Devi Barua

                 : Song by students

                 : Speech by the Vice-Principal Mrs. Monali Dasgupta

                 : Speech by the Principal Mrs.  Surita Mukherji

                 : Speech by the student on the importance of the day by Bristi Mukherjee

                 : Speech by Hony. Rector Sri G.N Prasad

                 : Speech by Secretary Swami Jibatmanandaji Maharaj


                 : Prize Distribution