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Emphasis on  saving of plants :

Through seminars and demonstrations we try to inculcate the sense of responsibility to save plants.

Planting of saplings :

Every month students plant saplings in the different locations.

Planting of medicinal plants and maintaining a medicinal garden.

Students plant medicinal plant saplings in the eco-club medicinal plants garden. We have number of medicinal plants. This garden was divided into four parts and hence it is maintained by the students of four houses. One week, one class-section takes the responsibility of its maintenance.

Taking care of these medicinal garden

Pouring water to the plants, plucking the weeds and grass, removing the dead and dry twigs etc.  are done by the students of different classes under the monitoring  of eco-club captains.

Cleaning garden  

Every month a school cleaning day is observed. Students clean the garden and the school campus.

Go green

We conduct seminars and debates on Go Green and Protect Green concepts.

Save environment

We observe ‘World Environment Day’ through the surveys by the students in the neighborhood regarding utilization of energies, plastics, cleanliness etc. We also conduct a competition called ‘Best out of Waste’ to save environment from the waste materials and pollutants.