In response to the demand of the age the spiritual great Acharya Swami Pranavanandaji Maharaj, the incarnation of Lord Shiva, appeared in this world in 1896 and the spiritual world has respeSwami Pranavanandaji Maharaj.jpgctfully witnessed the manifestation of perfection of divinity in him. He was born on 29th January in 1896 at Bajitpur village now in Bangladesh as a son of Sarada Devi and Bishnu Bhuinya. Before his birth Sarada Devi saw a dream at one night that Lord Shiva was coming as her son. Bishnu Bhuinya also heard a message on the same night that Lord Shiva was coming to their house soon.

Swami Pranavananda himself led a life of rigorous austerities. He used to attend his school and other worldly duties during the days and he passed his nights in the dreadful cremation ground. The villagers including the elders looked upon him with respectful admiration. His food consisted of only rice at best with some boiled potatoes, no milk or ghee, not to speak of fish or meat. He used to take regular exercise from his boyhood. On fullmoon day in the month of Magha, the all-pervading power of the Almighty was manifested in him.

Service and sacrifice are the twin strands of Indian ideals. He made those as the motto of his own life and he founded Bharat Sevashram Sangha in 1917. He started his philanthropic activities in 1919 in connection with the calamities caused due to devastating cyclone in Khulna district. These activities are being continued till today around the world.

To meet the necessity of the millions of Hindu pilgrims Swamiji made it a point to purge the pilgrim centres of the high-handedness of the selfish elments and in order to accomplish this, he established centres at Gaya, Varanasi, Puri and Allahabad.

The prophet of the age Swami Pranavananda foresaw that it was India and the Hindus who could and would save the humanity from running headlong into gross materialism and Godlessness and lead worried mankind towards the path of peace and bliss.

The founder and mentor of Bharat Sevashram Sangha also launched Milan Mandir movement. In every village and city all are to assemble every week to discuss the problems of the society to find out the solutions thereof. He was Acharya and never kept himself aloof from social welfare activities of any sort and was intensely particular about the moral welfare of the surrounding youth whom he spared no pains to help in all possible ways, in building up their life and character.

Acharyadeva, the divine incarnation of Lord Shiva left this mortal world for HIS DIVINE ABODE at midnight on 8th January, 1941 at Ballygunge Head Office in Kolkata (West Bengal, India) completing the divine task His Holiness was appeared with leaving His giant mark of life and deeds for the welfare of entire mankind. In short, the life and mission of the Acharya could be well compared with the life and mission of the few Godmen Incarnation of the Supreme Being as they are held – Sri Ram Chandra, Sri Krishna and Lord Buddha.



♦ Those who control the passions and the sensual pleasures in order to be enriched with true manliness, are dearer to me than my life. They enjoy a standing demand on my assistance. My powers shall ever protect them.

♦ Is he a man who cares for only himself ? One whose heart does not bleed for a national distress, whome the pains of his society do not rock, is he any better than an inanimate object? Presence of millions of such men makes little difference to a nation. One who is as mindful of national wellbeing as he is of his private welfare is of good service to the nation.

♦ This land has loved God from time immemorial, and shall continue to do so for ever. Neither do toe hold materialism as the apex of wisdom. We stand for moral principles, religion and spirituality.

● Studies are the first priority of a student. Study at least ten hours a day. Neglecting studies is a damnable sill. Do not talk unnecessarily. Unnecessary talk weakens mind.




What is the Goal ?

Self - realisation, Universal emancipation.


What is Religion ?

Self - sacrifice, Self - discipline, Adherence to truth, Continence.


What is Real Death ?

Forgetfulness of the "Self".


What is Real Life ?

Self-Possesion, Self-remembrance, Self-consciousness. '


What are Real Virtues ?

Heroism, Virility, Manliness, Aspiration for emancipation.


What are Real Sins ?

Weakness, Fear, Cowardice, Meanness, Selfishness.


What are Real Strength ?

Patience, Fortitude, Endurance.


What are Real Assets ?

Self - confidence, Self - reliance, Self - respect.


What are Real Enemies ?

Indolence, Slumber, Procrastination, lnertia, Lustful Senses and Passions.


What are Real Friends ?

Exertion, Enthusiasm, Perseverance.

"Sangha Vani" is the great truth realised and applied in the life by the Sanqha Lord. Great men appear from age to age and some truths are experimented and established by their life of penance for the welfare 'of the world. This Sanqha-Vani is similarly  also being preached for the welfare of the masses. It is the clarion call, awakening call to the nation, the daily-reading, ever-following text for the country men.

— Acharya Swami Pranavanandaji Maharaj



SANGHA  VANI (The Ten Divine Messages)